Wednesday 13 January 2010

From my Santa

Erick made me this for Christmas
I. Love. It. It holds 28 serger spools, 48 regular spools or 96 if I double them up. And, it helps me keep track of time (that's a good thing!). I love it!
P.S. Am I OCD for wanting my thread to go from darkest to lightest on both sides? I guess you've now seen a little into my quirkiness.


  1. I love that! I think you should have Erick be a guest blogger for you and do a tutorial :). And I organize my thread the same way, it only makes sense, right :)?

  2. This is very nice!!! I'm constantly struggling for the best storage of my gazillion spools of thread. I arrange my thread so it's light to dark, but I also separate cool colors from warm. I'm sort of the example of "anal retentive goes to art school" .


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