Tuesday 27 March 2012

Cinderella and 3 more

A few months ago I made the a costume for Kay. She was going to be in Cinderella as the fairy godmother. She invited us to go see the play last Saturday. It was wonderful. We took the boys, that was their first play ever. I think they enjoyed it. It was very satisfying to see my work on stage. I must say, she looked great! (if' you're wondering, it's the salmon one)
These are from a friend of mine, Audre. I'm so glad she could join the swap since she's been collecting I-spy fabrics for about a year on her own to do an I-spy quilt. Now she can have so many fabrics so much faster (and cheaper!). I really like the raccoon fabric. It looks like the raccoon is about to jump out of the fabric.

I opened my mailbox and saw 2 packages. Oh how I have been loving getting the mail. These are from Katie. She also threw in 20 random squares from her scrap pile. So everyone will be getting a bonus surprise. When looking through the 'scrap' pile, I wished I could have them all. They are SO cute. No one will be disappointed I'm sure.
I love the blueberry one. It looks very real.
These all the way from Canada. Deanna sent these. It's a bit hard to see detail with the picture, but the car one on the top right is my favorite. Love the colors and the images are so cute.


  1. Glad to see the squares I sent showed up in good time!

  2. I hope you got my fabric. I sent it over a week ago....


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