Thursday 29 March 2012

3 more in

These ones in from Kell. (right? sorry, since I don't know most of the i-spy swappers, I'm not 100% sure on names 100% of the time) Anyway, I really like the hot air ballon one. Great colors and tons of summer fun!
These ones from Alicia. I like the ball one and the cowboy. Why am I drawn to boy fabric now that I finally have a girl??
These from Heather K. I think the school one is great. It totally reminds me of those notebooks with the black and white cover. Of course now I'm pretty sure you can get those in just about any color.
Only a couple more to come in and then everyone will be getting their fabric back!

1 comment:

  1. It doesn't look like there is any repeats either! Getting excited to see all of them when they come. Thanks for putting this together Jenn!


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