Wednesday 14 April 2010

the four maids

Remember that 100% silk dupioni that had the horrendous crease in it? Well, I've been a little busy sewing bee and made these vintage dresses out of it.
Now they're off to meet their wearers. Four Bridesmaids. I'd say for maids they're pretty dressed up! Although I guess that's one of the perks for being a bridesmaid.

They turned out exactly how the bride wanted them (I couldn't be happier). I can hardly wait to see them on the bridesmaids. But we must be patient in such things, the wedding isn't for another 4 weeks.
Invisible zippers are wonderful! They look so professional, and pleasing to the sewing eye.
I was especially happy with the way these turned out.
There's something very satisfying in making 4 of the same dresses, 4 different sizes, and not mixing up the pieces, not even once. You can't see it, and that's the point, but each of these dresses have side pockets. What a fun way to make them a little less formal to wear them at other occasions.
When I get pictures of the four maids actually wearing their dresses, I'll be sure to post them.


  1. these are so beautiful...i can only imagine how lovely the four recipients will be. great job.

  2. Beautiful - they will be lovely at the wedding, and so fun to dress up or down for a long time later. Much better than the dresses that only get worn once.

  3. hey thanks for coming to my blog and being so is so nice to make new bloggy friends!!! come back and 'see' me again

  4. They look great!! I did not get the sewing genes in my family, and I am always amazed by what people can create!!

  5. Those look very nice! It will be fun to have a picture of the four "maids" in them to post with this!


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