Monday 29 March 2010

Clean that Iron

This is the first of a series I'm going to do about Tips and Tricks that will help your projects turn out more handmade and professional instead of homemade. Some of the tips will be for more advanced techniques and some for just 'sprucing' up a bit. If you ever have a question about how to do something, I'd be happy to give my input so feel free to ask
Without further ado, the first tip.

Clean your iron. I know that sounds so basic, but seriously. If your iron is dirty, your projects will show it. Here's an easy way to clean your iron and you probably have the things you need already.
Use a dryer sheet when your iron is hot and carefully (don't burn your fingers) wipe off the iron. You'll be surprised at how much build up comes off. I use Kirkland brand dryer sheets, but it doesn't matter what kind.
Then iron a rag or something that really doesn't matter. The dryer sheet leaves a little oil film on the iron, so you'll want to simply iron that off onto a rag. That's all. Go ahead, try it.


  1. What a neat trick! I'm going to do that the next time my iron is hot.

  2. This is awkward... My iron is terrible! It's actually Joel's iron from when he was single! I often think about you and your nice iron when I'm using mine :). Should an iron spit out a white chalky substance sometimes? If only the dryer sheet could get inside the iron to clean that out too... I will definitely be using this trick, I'm going to think of some questions that I want to pick your brain about!

  3. Hi Mrs.Jen! I am glad that I found your blog!
    Looking forward to your posts,


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