Monday 15 February 2010

School "Letters"

I mod podged this cardboard mailbox with cute scrapbook paper for Everett. Each day we do 'school' together. I call it school because he thinks it's cool. We really just read books, do flannel board stories, sing songs, do play dough, color, go on 'field trips' and play together for about 30 minutes. I've only been doing it since the beginning of January and he already recognizes about half the alphabet letters! It's so fun. Today we saw a stop sign and I asked him what letters he saw and he said 'S' 'O'. I was pretty proud of him!

Anyway I got off the subject. Back to the mailbox. I'm going to use it each day to introduce part of my 'lesson' to him. He'll open the mail box each morning and find either a letter that we're going to learn, a piece to the flannel board story, a book, some sort of art thing, a treat....whatever we're doing for school that day! I showed it to him last night and he was SO excited. He said he wanted to get his vitamins in the mailbox each day. So maybe we'll use it for that too.

I also made this little mail box as a love box for my husband and I. We'll keep in in our bathroom window and write little notes to each other, put chocolates or whatever else in there. I think it will be a fun and creative way for us to express our love to each other all year long!

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  1. THis is such a cute idea! I might have to copy the whole "school" idea with my daughter. Sounds like Everett really looks forward to it, he's lucky to have such a great mom!


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