Tuesday 9 March 2010

Hanging around

Here's the story. I have this huge wall and nothing on it. How long have we lived here?
Then I saw this great tutorial over at All Things Thrifty. Love that blog.

I knew I had to do it. Some projects just sorta linger. This wall art was no exception. I started it with TONS of enthusiasm and thought I would be done in a week. Then that week ended and another started, and another, and another...I just kept running into small problems that made it so I couldn't finish. The first thing was the blade broke on the jig saw. Off to Home Deopt. Then I ran out of primer uggh! Off to H.D. again. Then, the paint I picked out didn't look the way I envisioned it, so I had to get different paint....Let's just say I know the guys at Home Depot now.

But, with the help of my sweet husband they are finally hung. I have to add that they are hung perfectly level, perfectly even, perfectly centered in the wall. My husband rocks at stuff like that!

Oh yeah, and of course Everett and Ryan helped too.

Taa Daa (as Everett would say)

That's better don't you think?


  1. wow, that looks amazing!! congrats on a fabulous job! I am going to have to check out your link. I am over from Craft Gossip. And I love that diaper-butt in a onsie!

  2. Very dramatic and pleasing to the eye. Nice work, Jen!

  3. This looks awesome. I love the cute little helpers!

  4. Okay I'm seriously sending Joel out to buy a jigsaw! That is SOOOOOO great!!!! Can you tell I love it? Where did you get your design from? You could use a photoshop brush, couldn't you? I really want to make one!
    p.s. I'll be emailing you back today :)

  5. Nice colors! Great work from a tutorial.

  6. PENNY!! That is SO SUPER CUTE!!!! I think I'm going to make Mike help me with this one. :)


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