Saturday 1 August 2009


This is my first attempt at fondant. I'm not convinced that fondant is my thing. When it wasn't turning out professional on my first time (heaven forbid), I started to get a little frustrated. But, thankfully I have the sweetest husband who was helping me decorate and helping me see that it doesn't have to be perfect the first time. He made the cute little smiley face and was having so much fun. He's so good at helping me remember not to take myself so seriously!
I think sometimes I am a little bit too much of a perfectionist and I want all the things I make to look like they came from Better Homes and Gardens or something. But, part of creativity is learning to be better, learning the tricks and ins and outs of something.
So I need a little fondant cake 101..or maybe S.O.S?? If you can help with any of these questions, I'd LOVE to get the tips!
How do you finish off the bottom edge? I placed the fondant over the cake, but then when I cut off the excess, I didn't know how to make it finished at the bottom--hence the blue 'snake roll'
How do you get rich, deep colors? I tried to get red (which I know is a difficult one anyway, but still it's the principle behind the matter right?) but wound up with a pinkish orange.
How do you prevent/fix/get rid of wrinkles? In the second picture you'll see what I mean. Maybe I just am too much of a sewing minded person, but it seems like it needed a dart, a pleat, or some gathers...just a little too much fondant and not enough cake surface.
What is the best secret you know about fondant??
Jenna, you're my INSPIRATION!! Maybe someday I'll be as good as you are.


  1. That is the cutest cake. You are very talented and creative!!! Remember when you are trying to be perfect and making such awesome cakes that you will have 20 or so more birthdays at least to make a cake for and if you make the perfect cake now how will you top it next year!!! just a thought from a mom that loves to make fancy cakes for birthday's and the kids don't care how they turn out but just that they get the biggest, first piece and they know you love them!!

    On the question you had about colors I like to use "AmeriColor" soft gel paste food color or you can get the Wilton brand paste colors. I like the americolor best because it comes in a msall bottle with a squeeze top. The Wilton comes with a lid you take off and then you use a toothpick or knife to get what you want. These colors are very rich and go a long ways. They have alot of color choices too which is fun. I buy mine at a specialty kitchen store but you can find them in the cake decorating aisle at craft stores and maybe even walmart in teh craft/cake stuff. Hope that helps Luv ya

  2. So fun! I've wanted to try it forever but haven't had the guts. Maybe now I will.

  3. turned out cute! so, it took me a few tries to figure out the bottom edge thing. I use a can i have from the cannery and place my cake board/cake on top of it. That way its raised up and you can work with it a little better. To be honest i watched a bunch of vidoes on youtube and i think thats what helped me the most. I wish you were closer and we could do fun crafty stuff together. PS...i made this super cute onesie with a vest and tie. too cute...i will post pics soon. Talk to you soon!


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